YouAte is a photo based food journaling app designed to help you establish and maintain a healthy eating habit without the hassle of counting calories. The core value of the app is the ease of use by taking photos with only 3 taps and creating a retrospective of your daily meals. Capturing your meals is an already proven format to help you to be more aware of what and how much you ate, which helps you to make better choices in the long run.

The project kick-off was in September 2016 where I was a founding member and lead designer by taking responsibility for the branding guidelines, digital (mobile and web) design and frontend development.

Branding and typography

Colors and iconography

iOS app design

“This is a great way to keep a food diary without having to write everything down. I love taking a picture it's quick it's easy and it's very accurate. I can even look back and see what I was eating on weeks when I gain weight or lost and it definitely makes more mindful of what I'm eating when I have to take a picture. I would definitely recommend.” Unfoolishone — 5 stars review in the App Store

Website design


  • Year of release — 2017
  • My roles in the project — Brand, UI & UX design, web development (Jekyll, Firebase, Firebase Functions, NodeJS)
  • iOS Development — Miklós Magyar

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