17 Jul, 2017

Sketch Align helps you keep your artboards and symbols always organized.


Sketch Align is a recently released Sketch plugin for organizing your symbols and artboards by name.


Download the latest version (v0.7) of the plugin below then double click on Align.sketchplugin in the unzipped folder to install it.


Align Artboards

Organizes all artboards on a selected page based on the layer's name prefix. Note: The plugin won't reorder the layers in the layer list to keep the process as fast as possible.

The individual artboards named with a different prefix (eg. 'Note-', 'Notebook-') will be aligned into separate horizontal lines and a 200px padding will be added under each row.

Align Symbols

Organizes all your symbols in your Sketch document's Symbols page based on the symbol's name and Sketch's default symbol foldering method. (You can organize your symbols to folders by including a slash “/” in their symbol group name.) Based on the very first symbol folder name (the string before the first slash), the plugin aligns all your symbols to columns and adds an extra 200px right padding after each column.

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